What makes IBTCI a great place to work?

Our Colleagues!
People that care about what they do while committed to the highest quality of work.
Our team leads with authenticity, integrity and transparency ensuring dialogue and mutual understanding by creating an environment that focus on the growth of others, working with compassion and respect for all.


What our team members say about IBTCI


Jody Schubert

Jody Schubert is a “boomerang” employee at IBTCI. She managed privatization and enterprise restructuring projects from 1997-1999 with IBTCI after graduate school. Jody rejoined IBTCI in 2020 to lead and grow our Institutional Support and Program Implementation practice. She is passionate about finding ways to create positive impact through international development programs. What she likes most about working at IBTCI are the people.


Kirleen Athiambo

joined IBTCI in October of 2017 as the Monitoring and Verifications Technical Officer (MVTO) for the SPSS Program and today, she is our Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Coordinator for the Nawiri Program. Kirleen enjoys working at IBTCI because of our friendly staff, room for growth, and inclusive environment where people are treated equally and respectfully. She is very passionate about her job and loves working with the community, building the capacity of the country's staff to deliver and achieve the program's goals and objectives.

A Diverse and Inclusive Organization

Fostering and maintaining an inclusive workplace is at the core of our culture and our business. IBTCI understands that it takes diversity of culture and experience to create a truly global, transformative workforce and we are committed to achieving that.

We developed our talent pools to ensure that our workforce reflects the communities where we operate which allows us to enhance our work from a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

Diversity in recruitment strategies is constantly evolving, drawing a correlation between workforce range and job satisfaction, culture, community impact, innovation and business results. IBTCI considers all these aspects reflected in multigenerational teams, where candidates proactively seek out companies that allow them to bring their authentic self to the table and celebrate differences; which at the end makes the organization stronger. We strive to Increase diversity at every level of our organization to better reflect our customer base and the communities we serve.

We drive and measure the impact diversity and inclusion has on business results, increasing diversity in sourcing and targeting groups where diverse candidates may be. In addition our teams constantly audit our job ads and make changes to speak to a broader range of candidates.

All this supported by leaders that strive to promote the development and advancement of underrepresented groups in our teams, who also recognize, maximize and reward behaviors that foster a diverse and inclusive culture.


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